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Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky welcomes cultural and educational cooperation with African partners. Economic, trade and humanitarian ties between our countries have deep historical roots and are developing today on the basis of bilateral intergovernmental agreements. The universities of Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, have been accepting African students for many decades, who generally prefer such specialties as law, geodesy and economics.
It is time to expand the geography and content of educational interaction and get to know Yaroslavl, a large university city, the center of an industrial region, which is located only 170 miles from Moscow. Yaroslavl is an ancient city looking ahead to the future, a city that harmoniously combines antiquity and modernity.
This is the capital of the “Golden Ring” – the main tourist route in Russia. Its unique temples, monuments, museums and parks keep the thousand-year traditions, and modern infrastructure makes the city comfortable for living. Yaroslavl is a place where many things appeared for the first time, not only in our country, but also in the world! Here the first Russian public professional theater appeared, the first provincial magazine in Russia, the world’s first synthetic rubber plant was built. The world’s first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was born here, grew up and began her journey to conquer the universe.

YSPU is the XXI century education

Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University is a leader in the field of higher professional education and scientific training of highly qualified specialists who are competitive in the trade market. This is a modern scientific and methodological center of continuous pedagogical education with a well-developed infrastructure, an active participant in the cultural and educational processes in the region and the country, attractive for business and production.

Today YSPU is a fundamental classical university education in a wide range of sciences: the humanities, social and natural sciences, education and pedagogy, economics and management, the service sector, culture and art.

YSPU is a pedagogical university, which in the modern education system is the basis in absolutely all spheres of human activity. The graduates of various universities choose for themselves the responsible path of the teaching profession and come to our master's program to get the right to teach.

YSPU is a center of scientific research, a complex of scientific schools recognized in Russia and abroad, generating knowledge, scientific discoveries, new technologies, innovative thinking and research competencies of a specialist - the main factors of competitiveness in the modern trade market.

YSPU is a professional navigator, where employers are directly involved in designing the programs, in the educational process, in arranging practices, internships for students. Together with employers, the university opens up interdisciplinary training programs that provide competitive benefits to graduates.




Our mission YSPU

Our mission is to ensure fundamental and applied scientific research to generate relevant knowledge and modern technologies as the basis to form and constantly improve the level of specialists’ professional competencies in education and other sectors of the social sphere!




Сapital of the "Golden Ring"

Yaroslavl is a powerful economic and transport center of Russia, a center of science and students. Foreign students, including those from Africa, note the friendly, hospitable and comfortable atmosphere of the city, where people value international cooperation, respect young people, and are proud of them. Dozens of African specialists: doctors, teachers, engineers, officers – received prestigious education in Yaroslavl and built a successful career in their homeland. There are many higher educational institutions in the city: classical and medical universities, a higher military school of air defense, a theater institute, an agricultural academy and one of the oldest and most respected universities in Russia – Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky




Dear friends, we are confident that cooperation in science and education will strengthen our mutual understanding in the name of peace and prosperity.

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